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T206 Pfeffer-Chicaco caption Pfeffer-Chicaco Pfeffer caption Newly discovered caption variation. The "G" in Chicago is replaced by a third "C" Graded 1.5 by SGC.

Price $450.00

W516 "L.A. Becker" backs W516 Becker

1920 W516-1 Series 11 through 20 cards can be found with period writing on the reverse which reads "Save your tablet fronts and win a prize. L.A. Becker" I suspect Ms. Becker was a school teacher who offered this contest to her students. This writing has been found only on the ten cards from this series. There may be a many as 7 of each subject. I'm looking to add other examples to my collection. Please contact me if you have any to sell.

Price-Looking to purchase.
1915 PM1 Honus Wagner PM1 Wagner

1915 PM1 Ornate frame pin back of Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Famer Honus Wagner. Grades good due to a small surface crack. No rust and pin back is intact.


1952 Topps Partial Set 1952 Topps set

1952 Topps partial baseball set-numbers 1-310, minus Willie Mays. Overall good to Excellent. Additional pictures and descriptions on the "Sets and Partial Sets" page.

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